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A historical page which includes a template will show the most recent version of that template rather than a historical version
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Author: it_is_me_here

When a page includes a directly transcluded template in it, the template will automatically update on the current version of the page (as it should) but will also update on all historic versions of that page. For example, contains a template which is located at [[:Wikipedia:en:Template:Usercheck-full]] (URL:, and the most current version of the template appears on the page, whereas at the time (07:48, 8 Aug) the version of the Usercheck-full template located at would have appeared, making the historic page ( slightly inaccurate and misleading. Thus, historic versions of pages should include historic versions of templates in them of the correct age.

Incidentally, I am [[:Wikipedia:en:User:It Is Me Here]].

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