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Set up database content translations on Meta
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While the interface is being translated in a user friendly and convenient system through, partner and collection descriptions can't be handled in the same way because they don't live on Github, they're held in the platform's database and therefore aren't visible in the codebase.

The best solution is likely to be following the Education-Program-Dashboard's model of hosting that text on Meta and utilising Meta's translation features, pulling the text in to the platform on a regular basis.

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Per Jason's wisdom, one solution would be to have a user role for translators, which would allow them to translate the descriptions etc. directly on the platform.

Now taking place in a single google sheet file, rather than multiple documents. Translator role still could be useful, but we could also investigate automatically pulling across to the platform from this sheet.

The Education-Program-Dashboard hosts pages on Meta wiki, which are translated there and pulled into the platform. This seems like it could be a sensible solution for us, too.

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Waiting on major proxy integrations to be over for Jason to work on this.