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Session (new) Developers and MediaWiki: How to become BFFs? Part II
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Jul 27 2017, 8:41 PM
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This session by @Rfarrand & @Bmueller is a follow up to part I which took place in Vienna (see meeting notes here:

In Vienna we were talking about good and bad experiences that we have had while being involved in Wikimedia technical projects. We also collected first ideas to make technical collaboration fun for everyone.

In part II we want to start with a short recap of the outcome of part I, continue our efforts and develop concrete ideas: What kind of support would help you to stay interested or get your projects done? (example for a concrete idea that also got discussed in part I: The Technical Advice IRC Meeting, starting August 23rd).

This is a session for both, newcomers and veterans.

Location & Date: Thursday, August 10th, 11 am, room Drummond East, Level 3
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@Rfarrand - I've updated the description. After a short intro to the outcome of part I we could split into groups, go more into detail and develop possible practical action items :-)

P.S.: I would prefer to schedule it for Thursday 10, so that we have time to advertise the session at the Hackathon.

@Bmueller would 11 be OK? There is a newcomers matching session at 10 that I need to do.

Qgil subscribed.

Is there anything left to do here?

Yes - I need to review notes and make sure all "next steps" or ideas are at least slightly more widely circulated.