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Extension:Dashiki repository is missing
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At T171884: Convert Extension:Dashiki to use extension registration we noticed that there's rANAD analytics-dashiki but there's no Phabricator mirror for mediawiki/extensions/Dashiki from Gerrit. See T171884#3479303

We should create a Phabricator mirror of -- please do so, thanks!

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  • Created rEDAH, set URI to mirror changes from
  • Created as well MediaWiki-extensions-Dashiki and added it to rEDAH so it is not left project-orphan and since that extension is deployed to WMF sites we should have a place where to report issues with it.

I hope that in the next runs Special:Version on the wikis now points to the extension-dashiki repo and not to the internal working area Analytics-Dashiki

@mmodell Could you please check if everything is right?

Thank you.

Updated Module:Callsigns (which I think it's missing or has outdated things fwiw).

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Special:Version now displays correctly the path to rEDAH :)

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Closed as resolved. Seems to be working just fine.