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Annual Plan 2017-2018, Audiences 5, Goal 1: Recommend where new and tenured users can contribute
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This task is the first goal of T171977: Annual Plan 2017-2018, Audiences 5: Increase current editor retention and engagement: Recommend where new and tenured users can contribute

The desired outcome is: We understand and begin addressing the issues our larger wikis' communities are facing with extensive backlogs of work.

There are two objectives for this goal:

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of how communities share, surface, and select contribution tasks on their wikis by researching community-built systems, especially focused on larger wikis
  2. Improve, adjust, or create features geared at the needs identified in our research. The features will be decided upon based on the findings, but will likely be aimed at the following:
    1. Supporting users by surfacing recommendations with community-wide contribution tasks, such as in a dashboard
    2. Provide users with recommendations for contribution tasks personalised to their activity and interests

There are two targets for this goal:

  1. In established communities, the contribution rate of tenured editors increases.
  2. In established communities, the rate of increase in backlogs slows.