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Patrol stats
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Would be great to have patrol stats in addition to admin stats :)

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Not sure if it would be smarter to implement this as an additional tool, or roll it into the current adminstats...

It's a little unclear what "patrol stats" means. Just raw number of patrols? Like For larger wikis, patrols can pertain to a very large number of users. For instance, the aforementioned enwiki database report takes about 20 minutes to compute, and we're only able to do that because on enwiki there is a specific user group of only 450 users that can patrol pages. I would not include this in admin stats, because it's not an "admin" function, per-se, and in my opinion a separate tool seems like cruft to me. I see no problem with leaving this task open, but we should discuss before moving forward with any development.

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Holding off, pending further discussion.