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Images with transparent backgrounds change color if the theme is changed
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  1. In sepia or default theme, go to an article with a lead image that has a transparent background
  2. Change to night mode

Expected Result:
The image background remains white

Actual Result:
The image background changes to gray

Example Articles:
Two-dimensional space
Roosevelt Dime

IMG_1525.PNG (1×720 px, 404 KB)

IMG_1529.PNG (1×720 px, 616 KB)

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JoeWalsh triaged this task as Low priority.

This should not change iirc. Math images (and others) which have dark line art and transparent backgrounds would appear solid black.

@Mhurd this ticket is for fixing the issue you're describing. The background currently changes to dark gray when switching to the dark theme. The fix is to always keep the background white when an image is set.

Testing on iPhone 6s (iOS 10.3.3) and Wikipedia app 5.6.0 (1189). This is fixed according to the screencaps below.

T172013 Sepia.PNG (1×750 px, 399 KB)
T172013 Dark.PNG (1×750 px, 471 KB)

Tested on iPad Pro with iOS 10.3.3 and iPhone 7+ with iOS 10.3.3 on App 5.6.0 (1189)

Roosevelt dime looks good