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Avatar for Translation updater bot and L10n-bot to allow separation
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Tentative suggestion...

Problem: As someone who is skimming through lists of commits, it is hard to distinguish actions by Translator updater bot and L10n-bot / Gerrit Code Review, from other users with the default avatar images. E.g.

Suggestion: It might be helpful to give this bot a phabricator account and a simple (easily ignorable) avatar image? e.g.

L10n.png (200×200 px, 2 KB)

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Nikerabbit added subscribers: L10n-bot, Nikerabbit.

I created @L10n-bot account here in Phabricator and added an avatar. Nothing seems changed yet, so I wonder if it only happens for new commits, or whether there is some background job to update the connection, or whether the connection did not even get created properly.

Nikerabbit claimed this task.
Nikerabbit removed a project: User-Nikerabbit.

Based on it at least applies to new commits.

There is a bot policy which I was not aware of:

I think all the requested information is already in the profile of the bot. Purpose is to have an avatar :)

Maybe @mmodell could retroacitvely set the bot flag in the DB for that account? user ID is 11972

@Aklapper: indeed, it's easy to mark an account as a bot with phabricator/bin/accountadmin

Oh yes, thank you!

Thank you, for adding it to L10n-bot !

Could we also add something to "Translation updater bot" - e.g. the "Thu, Aug 3, 2:11 PM." change in

Perhaps also to "jenkins-bot / Gerrit Code Review" - e.g. the "Thu, Aug 3, 2:53 PM" change in same link

@Quiddity L10n-bot and Translation updater bot are the same thing. The issue is that the linkage does not apply to existing changes, hence you see both.

Ok, I'm not completely sure what that means, but feel free to re-resolve this task if it can't get any further.

Question: Does anyone else think it was useful to do this, and that I/we should file another task for doing the same to jenkins-bot / Gerrit Code Review ? (I don't want to cause pointless work just to satisfy my own urge for ease of skimming lists of commits). Thanks :)

Does anyone else think it was useful to do this

I think that a visual clue is useful, but also that whether it makes the l10n-bot lines more or less noisy depends on each person's sensibility towards colours, faces and so on. For jenkins-bot a non-avatar (like mine) might be better.

May I propose that we close this task as resolved? If someone feels strongly the need for avatar for jenkins-bot, they can file a new task. I don't have any icons for jenkins-bot, so I can't implement that part.