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Paws display "502 - Bad gateway error" for specific user
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Similar to T140578, when I open I get "502 Bad Gateway".

I tried multiple times login and logout with no luck so it is possible to reset my paws account somehow? Thanks you :)

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Aklapper renamed this task from Paws display 502 - Bad gateway error to Paws display "502 - Bad gateway error" for specific user.Jul 31 2017, 1:11 PM

@Ebramino can you try It's going to replace shortly. Same everything, just a different underlying base.

Ebrahim claimed this task.

Great. It works there! And nice, an updated Python! Thank you very much!

@Ebraminio cool! I'm going to upgrade Python to 3.6 as well (it's currently 3.5 I think) :) npm will also be available by default.

3.6 will be just fantastic for my use!

Great news! Please also consider putting a node.js jupyter kernel also, I tried one locally and didn't find it very ready to use on my local tests but still believe it worth to be added.