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Interwiki links for Gadget files
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Description should accept interwiki links in so gadgets are shareable over multiple wikis in a wiki family.

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By "shareable" do you mean a single copy of the code being used by multiple wikis? Or is this task about the links in the sidebar? (similar to what is requested on T123063)

MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition has the following format:

* gadget_name [options (can be omitted)] | page names

where page names have to be something like this:


which will result in that being loaded by the ResourceLoader:


You see, you can't simply prefix "mygadget.js" with an interwiki prefix like "commons:" because that would result in:


But it should result in:


so you are able to use the same gadgets in every wiki.

In that case, this looks like the feature you want was planed for mw:Gadgets 2.0 and now only for mw:Gadgets 3.0. Marking as a duplicate of T22153: Implement global gadgets (WMF-wide).