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Odd behavior of "redirects" parameter
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This is observed in 1.14alpha (r39353) running at I have also observed it in past versions.

If I want to get information on the pages linked from another page with linked redirects followed, I can use a simple query using 'links' as a generator for prop=info. But if I try the same thing for an old revision of the same page, the API gives an error "revids may not be used with redirect resolution".


For consistency, either the second query should behave the same as the first by following the redirects returned by the generator, or 'redirects' should only apply to the "titles" parameter and not to pages returned by a generator (a new parameter could be created to have generator-returned redirects followed in this case).

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: normal



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Fixed in r39614. Redirects in the revids= parameter still aren't resolved, but combining those parameters now results in a warning instead of an error, and still resolves redirects from the generator.