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spike: New email risk scoring enhancements
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see email: New email risk scoring enhancements for minFraud customers

from maxmind:

Dear minFraud Customer,

We’re reaching out to inform you about two new risk scoring enhancements we made around your users' email addresses that should improve the risk assessment.
We now accept unhashed email addresses and risk score the local part (the part before @). So, aaasd@yourmail‌.com would have a higher risk score due to gibberish.

We also added the output parameter /email/first_seen for minFraud Insights and Factors customers to indicate when MaxMind first saw the email in the minFraud Network. (minFraud Legacy and Score customers would need to upgrade.)

From Katie:

Before we make any decisions, I'd like to talk about this a little and make sure that we understand if there are any potential downsides to this change. Of the top of my head: Depending on how they're calculating whether or not something is a "gibberish" username, it may have trouble with less popular languages and make conversion of legitimate donors more difficult in already difficult areas. I can easily imagine having to try to do this regionally.