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Changes in the legend expanded/collapsed status are not persistent while in Live Updates mode
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When the Live Updates mode is enabled (T167743) results keep appearing in the list of contributions. If the legend is expanded initially, and the user collapses it (e.g., to get more room for the results), the legend becomes expanded automatically after a few seconds. In fact the legend always returns to the original state being it either expanded or collapsed.

The expected behaviour is for changes on the expanded/collapsed state of the legend to persist until the user changes them explicitly, even on Live Updates mode.

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I can see this on frwiki but not locally.

My guess is this is only present in the initial "live update" feature before is was modified to incorporate "show new changes". As the deployment train resume (hopefully) today, this problem will go away.

Pginer-WMF claimed this task.

Confirmed. It works well now. Thanks!