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Add localized namespacenamealiases in nahwiki
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The nah Wikipedia started off with Spanisch localization, including namespacenames. In has namespacenames localized to Nahuatl since not too long.

First there were no namspacenamealiases set, this step broke some pre-existing links. R38740 fixed this, but introduced two hardcoded references to the previous Spanisch "wikipedia" and "wikipedia_talk" namespacenames.

I had no idea how to better fix broken wikilinks quickly, without having shell access to the server configuration. Doubtlessly, the two names should be better taken care of in Localsettings.php instead of the general localization file, which needs to be independent of Wikipedia.

I tried to find references to the old "Wikipedia_talk" in Spanish, found one, and replaced it. Unless the search function of the nah Wikipedia did not reveal all of those - which may be so - we might not need to keep the Spanisch equivalent.

Currently, the "Wikipedia" namespace, and talk space, still have "Wikipedia" instead of "Huiquipedia". Thus I made no attempt to fix any of the references to the "Wikipedia:" namespace. "Wikipedia:" will be mistaken as an interwiki link to the english version of the Wikipedia, when both the "Wikipedia" entry in $wgNamespacenames, and the "Wikipedia" entry in the namespacenamealiases go away.

The translator of the Nahuatl localisation, , might be able to advise, better than I can, about wether or not to replace "Wikipedia:" by "Huiquipedia:" as namespacename.

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jeluf wrote:

Please come back when you're sure what you need.

The spanisch Wikipedia specific $namespacenames aliases still need to be removed from the localization of Nahuatl. They need to be present in the Wikipedia only (for its actual localization history) and nowhere else.

Afaics one needs shell access to the wmf servers so as to solve the problem on the Wikipedia site. Once that has been done, one can assess the more general (wmf independent) localizations because else, one would break the legacy Wikipedia.

So please add the spanish namespacenames aliases to the Nahuatl Wikipedia setup, and confirm. Thank you.

jeluf wrote:

Sorry, but I don't understand what exactly you want me to do. Can you give me a list of namespaces and the aliases that you want to have for it?

The namespaces are the project, and the project_tak name spaces. In the Nahuatl Wikipedia, 'Wikipedia', and 'Wikipedia_Discusión' have been used with the spanisch localization until is was replaced, thus they should now be added as namespacename aliases.

At this moment, 'Wikipedia', and 'Wikipedia_tēixnāmiquiliztli' are being used.

However, since 'Wikipedia' is spelled "Huiquipedia" in Nahuatl, and we should expect it to be chanded, too, I suggest to add 'Wikipedia_tēixnāmiquiliztli' as a name space name alias, too, even though there is no technical necessity to do do now.

I hope I was cclear enough this time?

Apparently not, as this is still open.

  • Set sitename to Huiquipedia
  • Make sure Wikipedia: and the respective talk namespaces keep working

Am I correct?

(In reply to comment #5)

Apparently not, as this is still open.

  • Set sitename to Huiquipedia
  • Make sure Wikipedia: and the respective talk namespaces keep working

Am I correct?

Did both of these. Some pages named [[Huiquipedia:Something]] in the main namespace could not be moved to the Huiquipedia namespace because they already existed in the Wikipedia namespace before the rename. They had /BROKEN appended to their name:

[[nah:Huiquipedia:Artículos solicitados/BROKEN]]
[[nah:Huiquipedia:Calīxcuātl tocalpōl/BROKEN]]
[[nah:Huiquipedia:Lista de artículos que toda wikipedia debería tener/BROKEN]]
[[nah:Huiquipedia:Votaciones/Traducción del término Wikipedia al náhuatl/BROKEN]]