Banner Test 03
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test config

  • CTRL: the same as CTRL in T170806
  • VAR: as CTRL but left to the X there is additional "Schließen". We might add a | inbetween. depends on how it looks like. Of course, the X function will be stretched out over the whole "Schließen x"

In order to look nice, we need to

  • move down the form a little bit, eventually the banner gets slightly bigger
  • due to the fact that the x is above the form, please have the same spacing to the right as to the left (currently it differs)
  • we should apply the same identical spacing to the red border (bottom spacing and top spacing)

Important is to apply the same layout and height to both banners, so that the only difference is the word "Schließen"


please have them both identical height. it differs slightly

VAR contains tracking params of CTRL

test is on hold because of T172510 @gabriel-wmde

Changed VAR tracking

Banner close tracking ratio is now 100%

tracks are in.

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