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Investigate deep link behavior changes in iOS 10.3 and/or Wikipedia 5.4.1 and on
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We've seen a dip in retention, both in internal (see parent ticket) and Apple numbers and also overall monthly active user count. These changes don't coincide with any meaningful feature or design changes, but do occur around the release of 5.4.1 and iOS 10.3.0.

We noted a change in deeplink behavior and fixed an issue we had caused back then, but its also possible iOS changed in some way that the app is no longer perferred, resulting in a drop in retention. There may have been a drop in pageviews as well, masked by an unrelated issue (see parent).

Test cases

  1. Open Safari
  2. Type "Barack Obama Wikipedia" (do not tap Go or Search)
  3. Tap the search suggestion under the "Wikipedia" header

The article is opened in Safari

  1. Open Safari
  2. Type "Barack Obama Wikipedia"
  3. Tap "Go"
  4. Tap the search result from the search engine of your choice (I tested Duck Duck Go and Google) that links to the Wikipedia article for Barack Obama

The article is opened in the app

  1. Activate Siri
  2. Say "Search Wikipedia for Barack Obama"
  3. Tap the "See full article" or "Wikipedia" rows

The article is opened in Safari

  1. Open Notes
  2. Create a new note
  3. Type Barack Obama
  4. Tap the text, hit select all
  5. Tap the right arrow
  6. Tap "Look up"
  7. Tap the entry under the header "Wikipedia"
  8. Tap "See More on Wikipedia"

The article opens in the app

  1. Open messages
  2. Create a new message to yourself
  3. Send a message with the text "" or ""
  4. Click on the resulting message

The article opens in the app

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This seems to all be resolved now (no QA fails and no OTRS or app store reports).