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Allow group rights to be changed on-wiki
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Proposed patch

Proposed patch for this functionality is attached.

In brief, there's a new interface for managing group rights on-wiki, which stores the data in the database.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: enhancement

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Created attachment 5203

Oops, forgot to include a changein that diff.

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Created attachment 5204

SVN diff from root, instead of from includes.

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Brion's comments
23:30 < brion> Werdna: consider splitting some of the code out from both User and SpecialGroupRights to create a proper group-rights-manager backend class. this should encapsulate all the caching and

database queries/updates, so User and the Special:GroupRights front-end are clients of the backend class

23:31 < brion> otherwise the basic theory of it looks reasonably sane ;)

23:32 < brion> i also didn't look into too much detail on the UI frontend yet; how is it about indicating default settings, and perhaps reverting to defaults if you've messed something up?

Created attachment 5277
Revised (big) patch

This patch is a total rewrite of the permissions system. It still needs to have cross-wiki user rights reimplemented in the new framework, but other than that, it allows current behaviour, plus implementing group rights being changed on-wiki.

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Now in /branches/rightsmanager.

Cross-wiki user rights have been implemented! There's some strange problem with logging, but I'm not sure if anybody else can reproduce it. Other than that, it's pretty much ready to be reviewed.

Functionality implemented through Configure extension, and as such this patch is unlikely to be reviewed and applied.

Leaving open pending a decision on whether extension functionality is sufficient to close this bug as FIXED.

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sumanah wrote:

Comment on attachment 5277
Revised (big) patch

"as such this patch is unlikely to be reviewed and applied." hence obsoleting the patch and removing the patch keyword.

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Closed assuming this is dealing with local groups. If this is for global groups, that functionality has already been added since this task was originally filed