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Incomplete Wikidata mergers
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The item merge mechanism at Wikidata fails to work properly in many cases. It looks as if the item to be merged is not properly cleared, and thus no redirect is created thereafter, leaving an almost empty item behind. Can this be fixed in a way that the merge mechanism is more robust? The observed behavior appears to happen regardless of the tools used (i.e. with the Merge gadget as well as with QuickStatements, and probably with other tools as well).


Onwiki discussions:

I have seen this problem for a while now by a lot of different users, but it has become much more frequent since roughly a week or so. I have no idea whether the merge activity has change recently.

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This seems like the same thing as T127213 to me.

Merges using the merge gadget are tagged as being done by the gadget and those edits you linked don't have that. Were you thinking of the special page, Special:MergeItems?