Create Credit Card Donation example data
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The current donation example data in the Fundraising Operation Center repository is missing confirmed and unconfirmed credit card data with the credit-card specific data.

What needs to be created:

  • A Donation with status Donation::STATUS_EXTERNAL_INCOMPLETE. For a greater variety in the test data, preferrably an anonymous donation (as written by the FF DoctrineDonationRepository for anonymous donations).
  • A Donation with status Donation::STATUS_EXTERNAL_BOOKED and with the mcp_* and ext_payment fields set by the DoctrineDonationRepository for booked CC donations.

It's probably best to do test donations and then extract the data from the DB.

So this would be CreditCard donations with status Donation::STATUS_EXTERNAL_BOOKED and Donation::STATUS_EXTERNAL_INCOMPLETE?

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Assuming this is about the FOC app. Can you confirm?

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@JeroenDeDauw Expanded the description.

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