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Promote initial use of new Wiki Replica servers
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The long process to load the new servers with data from all shards (T153743: Add and sanitize s2, s4, s5, s6 and s7 to sanitarium2 and new labsdb hosts) has finished. We need to get more usage of the new servers to shake out issues like:

  • missing grants
  • performance of new servers
  • evaluate need for query killers

The new hosts are reachable at:

  • *.analytics.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs
  • *.web.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs

The intended difference is for the "web" copies to be more responsive for interactive queries and "analytics" to be optimized for long running queries.

NOTE: These new servers will not allow tools to create their own databases/tables co-located with the replicated content. If a tool is using this functionality on the current *.labsdb hosts we are recommending that it be updated to instead keep all tool specific data on toolsdb and perform any joining of replica data and tool specific data in application space rather than with cross-database joins. See T173511 for further discussion of providing some method for 'curated' datasets to be added to the cluster.

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Pinging @Samwilson, @MusikAnimal, @Niharika, and @kaldari here to see if they would be interested in moving some of their personal/CommTech tools over to hit the new servers.

NOTE: the preferred service names are going to change as soon as is merged and deployed. Probably worth waiting for that to happen.

New service names are live.

$ mysql -h wikireplica-analytics.eqiad.wmnet
Welcome to the MariaDB monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MariaDB connection id is 917531
Server version: 10.1.25-MariaDB MariaDB Server

Copyright (c) 2000, 2017, Oracle, MariaDB Corporation Ab and others.

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the current input statement.

(u3518@wikireplica-analytics.eqiad.wmnet) [(none)]> show databases;
| Database               |
| aawiki_p               |
| aawikibooks_p          |
| aawiktionary_p         |
| abwiki_p               |
| abwiktionary_p         |
| acewiki_p              |
| zuwiki_p               |
| zuwikibooks_p          |
| zuwiktionary_p         |
877 rows in set (0.04 sec)

I've switched ws-cat-browser to use wikireplica-analytics.eqiad.wmnet and all seems great.

bd808 renamed this task from Promote beta test of new Wiki Replica servers to Promote initial use of new Wiki Replica servers.Sep 18 2017, 5:29 PM
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@bd808 I take it we should no longer rely on the wikireplica-web and wikireplica-analytics host names?

@bd808 I take it we should no longer rely on the wikireplica-web and wikireplica-analytics host names?

They will be sticking around for "a while", but yes you would be best served by changing to the new 'official' naming scheme.