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Project around page reviewing and drafts
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Tracking the progress of the development of proposal for a project somewhere at the intersection of New Page review analysis as well as Draftquality.

The goal is to make the job of new page patrollers easy by providing some kind of automated assistance and allow more time for new page creators to develop their article. Some ideas/discussions could be:

  • A possible idea from an irc discussion is to categorize new pages into Wikiprojects where they could get more attention or time (T123327). Research work involves:
    • Getting an idea of topics the new articles revolved around and casting them in some kind of representation (T172321).
    • Formulating a standardized representation of existing Wikiprojects so that the two representations could be compared for similarity. E.g comparison of vectors in Vector Space Model for similarity.
  • Why would a simple Article Quality model not work here? Possible issues?

Throwing in as survival of content discussed therein might come in handy.

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Made an editing pass through the wiki page. Looks good to me.