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Unable to upload files on Phabricator
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Trying to upload a file, I get:

Upload Failure
Aug 7 2017 12-26 PM.webm

Exception: No configured storage engine can store this file. See "Configuring File Storage" in the documentation for information on configuring storage engines.

Of course, it happens after I waited for several minutes for the file to load :) If we don't allow uploading files (which we should?) we should at least have an early warning.

Event Timeline

the engine is configured for 3mb or 4mb one or the other. I got this error too.

I wonder can we increase the size again now that we have blocked wikipedia zero from using files?

I would at least appreciate clear error message saying "Only files up to 4M can be uploaded" :) Ideally, though, it'd be nice to raise it to some 20M or so - 4M may be kind of low if you need to make a screencast showing some bug in action.

Upload file size has been decreased to deal with the ongoing WP0-related spam/sharing of files. We have added the ability to embed files from Commons, if that helps (see: T116515).

Closing this as a duplicate of T155130: Unclear error message when uploading a larger attachment: "Exception: No configured storage engine can store this file."