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Validating Jupyter notebooks cited from Wikimedia sites
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Jupyter notebooks have begun to be cited on Wikimedia projects (examples: Wikipedia article, file page, meetup page and of course PAWS), but we currently have no simple way to validate whether these notebooks are actually running, so that readers can benefit from them.

In this session, I propose to build on some earlier work on assessing the reproducibility of Jupyter notebooks shared along with scientific publications (initial summary) or on Wikimedia sites (summary), to improve some first tools to validate Jupyter notebooks and to integrate them into Wikimedia workflows:

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Am I understanding correctly that this would involve the creation of code that would verify that a notebook will still produce results were it to be run at present, rather than when it was originally referenced? If so I think we should remove the PAWS tag from this ticket.

No view on this particular question, but will leave it to others to decide.
In passing, Jupyter notebooks are becoming increasingly common in the energy analysis domain: