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Fix formatting issues with mathematic formulas (<math>)
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Origin: This is a wish from the German Community Wishlist Survey 2017. It did not get voted as a top wish, but because the individual issues it contains are rather small, independent projects, they are recommended for volunteer developers, e.g. to be tackled during the Wikimania Hackathon 2017.

Original wish (German):ünsche_2017/Lesen#Follow-up_zu_dem_Wunsch_Schriftgröße_mathematischer_Formeln_vereinheitlichen

Problem: There are some formatting issues when using the <math> markup. The wish mentioned above lists some issues that are occurring throughout different browsers. These individual issues are subtasks of this task. They can be tackled separately or together.
related task from the 2015 survey:

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If anyone want's to hack on this but needs help finding where to start, whom to speak with or similar – starting this week there is now a weekly Technical Advice IRC meeting open for all volunteer developers:

Hello @Debenben!

I created his task and its subtasks because the wish was in our 2017 Wishlist Survey and didn't become a top wish – but it seemed like a doable project for volunteers: - Fix formatting issues with mathematic formulas: remove wrong bold formatting - Fix formatting issues with mathematic formulas: fix baseline and font size - Fix formatting issues with mathematic formulas: remove wrong line spacing - Fix formatting issues with mathematic formulas: fix display of special characters

Now I'm pinging you because there are questions in some of the subtasks, e.g. how to reproduce the described problems. Could you add the information that's missing in my description?


As a MathJax team member, I'm not sure T172873 is really doable by a volunteer. The only option that doesn't require MathJax devs to do something would be to switch mathoid to use a different font (e.g., STIX, Latin Modern) which seems to require consideration from WMF (and the community) ; some visual regression testing would then seem wise in that case.

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as only remains as open subtask, I am closing this one.