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Fix formatting issues with mathematic formulas: remove wrong line spacing
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When rendering <math> formulas inserted via \textstyle, e.g. <math>\textstyle \vec V</math>, too much line spacing is created. This issue seems to occur in SVG and PNG rendering.


02_line_spacing.png (850×751 px, 62 KB)

How it should look:
01_how_it_should_look.png (737×681 px, 137 KB)

Article in images is

This ticket is tagged as Need-volunteer to be tackled during the Wikimania Hackathon 2017.

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Unable to reproduce. Please provide accurate reproduction information.

Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jan 3 2018, 1:02 AM

@JStrodt_WMDE: Can you please add the information requested by TheDJ? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately closing this report as there are no steps to reproduce the problem, e.g. in which browser to see the wrong line spacing, and as neither TheDJ nor I can reproduce the problem described.

@JStrodt_WMDE: After you have provided the information asked for and if this still happens, please set the status of this report back to "Open" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown. Thanks!