Determine skin to use based on request
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  • there is a default value configured for skin
  • the default skin configuration can be overridden, if value is possible skin name (based on config options), by
    • query string skin
    • or cookie skin
  • if skin parameter from query string is possible skin name (based on config options), and only if, skin name is persisted into cookie skin
    • cookie life time: 2 weeks
  • cookies with invalid values are not manipulated in the client (e.g. not deleted)
  • ConfirmationPageSelector is unconfigured, stays without effect
  • Which skins are used and which skin is the default skin can be specified in the configuration. (consider validating the config on deploy)
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@kai.nissen Qustion we ran into: Should the cookie lifetime get extended (to the 2 weeks mentioned in the AC) every time I visit the page? Otherwise it might happen that I see 'skin X' on one request and 'skin Y' (the default skin) on the next...

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