Finish membership application phone number A/B test
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  • stop membership application phone number A/B test
  • export test results, send to FUN people
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thanks @Pablo-WMDE

we also need the average membership amount (or just the sum). one problem with in the daa is that there is a runaway value (i know from previous export). to deal with that actually we usually need an export of the data like described in:

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@Tobias_Schumann_WMDE Did you have a chance to verify the upload on github? Can we close this issue?

thanks @Pablo-WMDE looks good, just commented on guthub also

@Tobias_Schumann_WMDE Once you analyzed the data and the test winner is determined, please mend the AC (the last one) of accordingly. Thanks

Please make sure that either the status of tasks is changed to "resolved" once these tasks are done, or that open tasks have active projects (like WMDE-Fundraising-Tech) associated so they can be found on workboards. Could you please update this task accordingly? Thanks!

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