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Need Wikisource specific counter for "Without text", "Problematic" "Proofread" or "Validate" work.
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Need Wikisource specific edit counter for Proofread and validation work. There are no edit counter for Wikisource specific job. If we want to find out the edit count of specific user in a specific time span, how many pages (Page:) have done as "Without text", "Problematic" "Proofread" or "Validate". I think this could be implemented at x-tool very easily.

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Matthewrbowker subscribed.

Is this specifically under the "article info" tab?

Screenshot from 2017-08-10 22-22-37.png (768×1 px, 123 KB)

I have added a images with description about where we need the wikisource specific edit count.

@Samwilson Did you want to comment on this? From the looks of it, such a feature seems useful, but I wonder if it's right for the Edit Counter. Is this need specific to English Wikisource? Perhaps it makes sense to implement it as a separate tool, maybe even apart from XTools (which is meant to be cross-wiki)?

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This would be a good statistic for any wiki with the ProofreadPage extension, so it could conceivably be part of XTools I think.

However, the data about page quality is currently not cheaply-queriable, as this data is stored in the page text. T172408 will fix this. Then we'd be able to get the count of a user's revisions and what quality level they were changed to (i.e. would also exclude those revisions in which the user didn't change the quality).

So, my thought is that this could work, after the above changes are made to ProofreadPage, and would be nice to have in XTools, but is blocked for now.

@Tpt what do you think?