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endorse button misaligned
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@wassan.anmol117 I guess you mean vertically? Would you please provide a screenshot?
Also there's unnecessary inline style repetition on the button.

@Volker_E Yes, I mean vertically. Here is the screenshot:

For the unnecessary inline styling, maybe we can open another task. :)

(For future reference, please provide screen width information and browser information.)

I can reproduce on Firefox 55 with 100% zoom level below 1385pixel width.

This is unrelated to Design (see the project description) and unrelated to the MediaWiki-extensions-Gadgets MediaWiki extension code (see the project description), hence removing those tags.

If you look at the wiki text code, you can see that this is rendered by the template "Probox" (not a gadget).

User scripts, gadgets and templates are local features and managed independently on each wiki. Phabricator/Maniphest is currently not used for tracking code of templates on wikis, hence I am closing this task as invalid. You could comment on the discussion page of the template to bring up this issue.

Well, I correct myself as I'm not entirely sure this is really unrelated to the Design scope - sorry for that!

If specific on-wiki templates are within the scope of an actual team that works on them and actually tracks such requests, please feel free to correct me and reopen this request and add that team project. Thanks! :)