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Make more people draw goats at the WMDE booth at Wikimania
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At wikimania you can draw cats or goats at the wmde booth. The post-its with the drawings will then be taken to Berlin. Somehow the goats are the new cats discourse hasn't reached our colleagues outside of engineering yet. We need to goat more goat drawings!

Event Timeline

Bmueller created this task.Aug 12 2017, 2:21 PM
Bmueller moved this task from Let's goat! to Goats in progress on the Goatification board.

2 goats in 5 minutes!

round about 15 goats were added to the goat & cat gallery at the wmde booth. Thanks to everyone! The goat wall is goating to be awesome!

Bmueller closed this task as Resolved.Aug 14 2017, 6:53 AM
Bmueller moved this task from Goats in progress to Goatified on the Goatification board.