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Make @daniel a MediaWiki deployer
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He should be a deployer, and he wants to be one.

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Would be useful to have the permissions, yes. Even though I really don't want to be responsible for the Wikidata build ;)

Guess @daniel has already signed NDA's etc

Should just be swapping daniel restricted -> deployment

But it's Saturday!

Seriously though, deployer like "I know the basics and can push out a change I need by myself without help from releng/someone who knows"? Or "I'd like to join the SWAT team or rollout a MW train some week"? :)

I'm assuming the prior. In that case that's much easier and I'm sure someone can show you around the process here in Montreal. Looks like you need to be added to the 'deployment' group:;c06f7bb640f8b033b23891a2e8bab51757e683bc$53

Dzahn triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 17 2017, 12:05 AM
Dzahn awarded a token.

Who is the manager-equivalent for this so that we can get the typical sign-off?

I guess as with other WMDE things this would either be @Tobi_WMDE_SW (on vacation for a few more days) or @Abraham.

Additionally, deployment requires ops meeting review/approval.

  • - manager approval from @Tobi_WMDE_SW or @Abraham
  • - approval in operations weekly meeting (due to sudo rights)

The request to add Daniel to mw deployers was approved in today's Operations team meeting.

Change 371661 merged by Herron:
[operations/puppet@production] admins: Make daniel a deployer

herron claimed this task.

Change 371661 has been merged and is propagating out now. Transitioning to resolved, but please re-open if any follow-up is needed. Thanks!