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Major loss of data when clicking outside of the "translate" editor box
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  • navigate to a wiki page with translations enabled, e.g. this one
  • click "edit"
  • click any paragraph with text - you should see "translate" popup with an edit button
  • change the text, and click outside of the window

Result: instant loss of all the multi-line text changes that could have been taken a while to type

Expected: auto save, with an undo capability. This whole "save" vs "undo" is a bit dated in the modern systems TBH.

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The translate extension isn't really supported yet in VE. You can edit in a basic way due to our generic extension editing support but it's not supposed to work well yet ;)

I'd say this is a duplicate of T55974, because any sensible solution to that would eliminate this.

@Esanders yep, it is related, but my concern goes beyond translation -- VE should not have any popup boxes that can loose data - for any tags. Closing a popup should be similar to going to another paragraph - you don't expect to click "commit" when editing one paragraph before moving to another, rigth? This is just asking to accidentally loose data. The expected UI should have something like "done" and "undo" buttons (if you want to keep them, instead of getting rid of the undo button entirely), and clicking out of the dialog box should be equivalent to "done". The undo stack would simply record popup changes as a single operation, that can be both undone and redone again.

I don't know -- with a "done" button present, I'd expect just clicking outside the popup to be a cancel operation. That said, having made changes in the popup, asking the user to confirm that they want to discard those changes might make sense.

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