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Artifact in displayed reference header in Wikidata
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There is an artifact in the reference at the statements in Wikidata when there is no references. With my Danish settings it displays: "0$3+$2$4 referencer". A refresh of the browser clears it yield the proper format "0 referencer" (in Danish).

The artifact has just appeared perhaps less than an hour ago.

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I noticed similar behaviour when adding a sitelink yesterday.
I can reproduce it very easy. Just click on edit next in a sitelink column and this is the result:

afbeelding.png (98×340 px, 2 KB)

Or add a new statement to an exisiting property:
afbeelding.png (141×616 px, 3 KB)

It also occurs when adding a complete new statement.

Change 373260 had a related patch set uploaded (by WMDE-leszek; owner: WMDE-leszek):
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Mass remove no longer used sitelink/reference counters from i18n messages

The fix takes some time to gets deployed in the mean time you can remove it in Mediawiki:wikibase-sitelinks-counter/da and Mediawiki:wikibase-statementview-references-counter/da (or your language code) by removing "{{PLURAL:$2|0=|$3+$2$4}}". See for example

It's es. I am not a Wikidata admin so I cannot edit those messages, and I prefer to wait for the fix to be deployed, when the patch above gets merged. It does not bother me as long as you were aware of the issue, which obviously you are :) Thanks.

I fixed them in translatewiki:

These changes gets overwritten by translatewiki bot if don't fix it there, so the only thing we can do right now is to wait.

Change 373260 abandoned by WMDE-leszek:
Mass remove no longer used sitelink/reference counters from i18n messages

Fixed on translatewiki, thanks Ladsgroup!

Is there anything we still need to do here or can we close this?

We can close it, it's not deployed but it will be soon. If backport needed, let me know.

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Super what is solved, because it was also strange for me to show it to me.

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