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Redirect dk.wiktionary and dk.wikibooks to da.wiktionary and da.wikibooks respectively.
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Author: spacebirdy

Please could the links
be made redirects to

like to

Many thanks in advance for Your help

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mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Do you want the whole domain to redirect, or just those particular URIs?

I think we use DNS component for this.

Patch for redirects.conf

Adding patch for redirects.conf
Now you need a sysadmin to apply it.


jeluf wrote:


Gerard.meijssen wrote:

The dk code refers to Denmark the country. Given that the codes we use are about languages and not countries, the correct resolution is by removing the dk code in DNS for the Danish language wikipedia.


river wrote:

There's nothing wrong with having a redirect. Someone looking for the Danish Wikiwhatever could quite understandably assume it's dk, not da. (da/dk is one of the few cases where country and language don't match.) Redirecting the user to the correct site is much more useful than giving an error message.

Gerard.meijssen wrote:

We have too many names that are plain incorrect. It is really not acceptable.


(In reply to comment #6)

We have too many names that are plain incorrect. It is really not acceptable.


Redirecting dk->da where dk is not a valid language code but is commonly mistaken for Danish seems perfectly acceptable to me. We shouldn't pedantically adhere to ISO-639 to the point of actually inconveniencing users as described in comment #5.

Please don't reopen this bug again; any further discussion should be taken off Bugzilla.

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