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Find a way to differentiate traffic for WLM-tw and WLM-cn
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We all discussed the best way forward for advertizing Wiki Loves Monuments in China and in Chinese. Because of the Big Firewall in China, and the high VPN usage, we may have to use some alternative methods.

Approaches may include differentiating based on language settings (zh-hant / zh-hans).

Alternatively, we can set up a 'disambiguation' page where we send everyone from zhwiki, and there they can choose if they want to go to the Mainland China or Taiwan competition. This is probably the safest approach. For other wiki's, we can keep using the countrydata.

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I will state this caveat before writing this. This is no perfect way of doing this.

Based on wikimedia stats country breakdown of zh the majority of traffic is geolocated to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

I am thinking about something along the following lines:

Campaign 1: Priority High - Taiwan - All languages (zh-hant hardcoded banner language)
Campaign 2: Priority High - China + Malaysia - All languages (zh-hans hardcoded banner language, country link targetting within banner)
Campaign 3: Priority High - Singapore - zh-hans - Blank banner campaign suppression for non-participating country
Campaign 4: Priority Medium - Target based on language only global - zh-hans - cover VPN connections. (Will not work on non-JS connections)

I will conduct some blank banner targeting tests on Monday or Tuesday to confirm the campaign setup.

@Jseddon It's nearly perfect as it covers the majority case we may face. As long as we have link to each other, we are good to go. I'll discuss this with WMTW folks.

@Jseddon can you confirm if this task is compeleted and everything is in place for the banners to go live for CN on Sep 1?

@Jseddon any learnings we want to document from this experiment for next year? If so, please add them here in comments and we can resolve this task. thanks!