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Blog post for WLM-RU banners contest
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Write a blog post about banners competition experiment as part of Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in Russia.

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LilyOfTheWest created this task.

I hear that Yaroslav is working on this task. :) I'm going to move it to in-progress. It would be great if someone can assign the task to Yaroslav.

Dear Leila,

There is now a draft atУчастник:Ymblanter/Blogbanner (still under discussion). Please, take a look. Thank you!

@Atsirlin thanks. I'll review this in the next 24 hours and get back to you. :)

@Atsirlin I went over it and it looks good to me. One suggestion: consider replacing the second banner with a banner that contains a monument. That can help people imagine monuments in the context of banners better. You can even replace the first one (though I love Yosemite;).

How about we aim to post this one week to the contest, on September 7 or 8? (Thursday may be better, to give people time to read the post before the weekend starts).

@LilyOfTheWest I replaced the second banner per your suggestion. I kept Yosemite, because it appears before we even talk about cultural heritage.

As for the timing, we would prefer to have the blog post out as early as possible (ideally, before September 1), but you decide.

@Ymblanter what is the title of the blog post? Also, when do you folks want to have it out? We can push it out pretty much any time. Re credits: Can you let me know how I should do it? We usually add a sentence at the end of the blog post in the following format:

(This blogpost was contributed by XX who is a ...)

You can provide as little or as much information as you want about yourself. Please keep the description to no more than 2-3 sentences. :)

@LilyOfTheWest Yaroslav will provide you with additional details. From my side, I would ask you to make an announcement in the mailing list and ask national organizers to add brief information about the banner award on their landing pages. I reached a few organizers personally, and they put such information on their landing pages, but many of the countries could not be reached.

@LilyOfTheWest, Leila, I added (at the same location) the title (pls feel free to change) and the contribution info. The sooner it comes the better, so far we only had a dozen submissions by one user from Azerbaijan (plus a bunch of submission for Russia, which were advertized separately). Thanks in advance.

@Ymblanter @Atsirlin thanks. Announcement on the way. Blog post is out at

I'm missing a featured image to be shown on top of the blog post and on the landing page of the blog. Can you choose a good one for that purpose and share? Ideally, we want that photo to be a WLM past photo and relevant to the banners contest.

Yaroslav, have you already found something, or should I look into it?

I apologize but I do not even understand what is this about.

Would this one work:


I do not think we have banners made out of WLM uploaded featured images, or, at least, I would not know how to find them.

I am also not quite sure that I understood the request, but I second Yaroslav's choice. It's a gorgeous photo!

Sorry for the confusion. Me not knowing much about wordpress assumed that everyone other than myself would immediately know what a featured image is. If you look at

Screenshot from 2017-09-05 17-49-18.png (817×1 px, 401 KB)
, you see that your blog post is missing a photo (unlike the other posts). Our instance of wordpress refers to that photo as featured image. :) The one that you provided works well. I'll add it as an image to the blog post. Thank you, and sorry again for the confusion.