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Bug: Tracking Page Views broken
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there is a tracking pixel ("/wpde-page-imp") to measure visits. see:

it seems data is not tracked anymore by piwik since 10th july. could you pleas please have a look?

PR is on GitHub: Although already reviewed, it has been sitting there for quite a while and needs a rebase before merging.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Banners impressions on are tracked with a chance of 1%.

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@kai.nissen obviously nothing happened here (i also checked piwik). can you please pick that up? we need to track that data. thanks!

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Sorry, I missed this one. When creating a ticket, can you please make sure to use the tag WMDE-Fundraising-Tech instead? Please feel free to add me as a subscriber as well.

As I remember, the idea was to use the Piwik instance of WMDE for general page impressions on

@MasinAlDujaili Can you give us an update on this?

Please use my WMDE tagged account, MasinAlDujailiWMDE.

According to, everything's logged just fine.

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@kai.nissen a bit more of the background: indeed that data is beeing tracked via wmde piwik. but for two reasons we thought that would not be enough: 1. there are always short data blackouts on wmde piwik (which in fact again is the case in the time frame since july '17), 2. we want to cross check and validate the data of piwik wmde (because the issue is a such important one).

(willl use the tag in future issues)

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@Tobias_Schumann_WMDE : The current patch will log the impressions as the fake "page" wpde-page-imp in Wouldn't it be more convenient an in line with Piwik if we tracked them as an access to We already have as a possible tracking target URL in our Piwik.

@gabriel-wmde: Ok, since that won't alter anything to the method and specifications of the tracking, let's do that.

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Merged the PR, tested the tracking with a local copy. This can now be deployed

The people responsible for deployments during this and next week will only be able to do it after T193013 is finished. Do you want to carry this over to the next sprint or do an extraordinary deployment by the only person who can do deployments?

Works as expected, thank you!

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