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Timeless skin: Echo badges cause header layout problem on Chinese interface
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Browser: 2345 Browser (Chrome 47.0.2526.108)
The layout is not fine when switching to Chinese interface on the top right corner.

Wikipedia.png (1×1 px, 252 KB)

But curiously, after clicking the notification button, the layout turns alright. But things will be not well after opening a new page again.
I noticed that changing the text "提醒 (0条)" in

<a href="/wiki/Special:Notifications" class="mw-echo-notifications-badge mw-echo-notification-badge-nojs mw-echo-notifications-badge-all-read" data-counter-num="0" data-counter-text="0" title="您的提醒">提醒 (0条)</a>

into English do affect the layout.

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Echo container issues again. May be related to how I was seeing the exact same thing when we were deploying to the french projects. I could have sworn this was fixed (twice!) but clearly not.

Isarra renamed this task from Timeless skin layout problem on Chinese interface to Timeless skin: Echo badges cause header layout problem on Chinese interface.Aug 22 2017, 7:49 PM

There is the same problem on French Wikisource with Safari 10:

Capture d’écran 2017-09-01 à 22.08.12.png (236×1 px, 77 KB)

Your patch "resolved" this problem by introducing another problem on frwikisource: Now the ">" holds "T" of Toutes a little

pasted_file (306×540 px, 22 KB)

Is this resolved? If not, couple you please provide links to where it can still be reproduced?

Isarra claimed this task.

Resolved some time ago, probably upstream (different badge layouts?)