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Random article on showing response for Special:AbuseFilter instead
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I have two reports (by Meta-Wiki and by e-mail) from people saying that they were following an interwiki link from to but ended up on azbwiki's Special:AbuseFilter instead (even at localised version of that special-page url, which suggests they either got redirected or the address bar was updated by JavaScript afterward).

The report on Meta-Wiki was about The interwiki link there (comes from Wikidata) points to which (given there is no colon) is definitely in the main namespace.

The Wikidata entry was not changed. The azb-language link was added last week, and not changed since then.

Regardless of the link not having changed since, and correctly pointing to a main-namespace page on, I too did get the response for Special:AbuseFilter when following this link:

However, after going back and trying again, I can no longer reproduce this.

@Quiddity was also able to reproduce the issue, but, like me, not a second time.

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Me neither. But then again, it was quite intermittent. I'm not convinced its fixed, but let's close for now until we spot it again.