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ERROR 1062 with MWDumper
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Below are the commands I use to set up a clean DB after a MediaWiki install:

mysqladmin drop my_wiki -p

mysqladmin create my_wiki -p

mysql -u root -p my_wiki < /var/www/html/wp/maintenance/tables.sql

Then I run mwdumper with this command:

java -server -jar /root/mwdumper/target/mwdumper-1.25.jar --format=sql:1.25 enwiki-20170801-pages-meta-current4.xml-p200511p352689.bz2 | mysql -u root -p my_wiki

On the fourth pages-meta dump file I consistently get an error after 41,000 pages:

1,000 pages (216.169/sec), 1,000 revs (216.169/sec)
2,000 pages (289.268/sec), 2,000 revs (289.268/sec)
40,000 pages (376.265/sec), 40,000 revs (376.265/sec)
41,000 pages (376.237/sec), 41,000 revs (376.237/sec)
ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 1114: Duplicate entry '0-?' for key 'name_title'

Thanks for any insights!

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hashar subscribed.

mwdumper is no more able to process dump generated since MediaWiki 1.31 (released in June 2018). The tool started in 2005 and is no more maintained, it is thus being archived, see T351228 for reference.