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  • Add a CSS file that creates .org-like environment for the banner on, reuse the existing desktop banner.
  • Add a preview version for proxied development.
  • Move assets (images) from FoundraisingBanners into dev environment and compile them together with the rest of the banner.

banner for

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@gabriel-wmde Do you think we can lose fundraising-banners:dist/jquery.cookie.js? Seems redundant with the applications (dot org, dot de) shipping it themselves.

It'll be needed again for the "train mode" but until that is implemented, we can delete it.

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@gabriel-wmde @kai.nissen
Banners on .org are position: fixed; while the referenced .de banner seems to push the existing page content down more like normal element flow. Is this always the case or decided on a case by case basis? Should it be part of the "solution" of this ticket?

Most banners now have this "Rollo" effect where the banner pushes down content, so it's very likely the the banners on wpde will have that effect too. how it is implemented (position:fixed or something else) was decided on a case by case basis by the implementers of the banners. My personal opinion is to implement is as reusable and standardized as possible, so we can have less and less code in the banners themselves and more and more code in the shared folder.

The position should not be part of the ticket since we don't know yet which banner from .org will be the first banner on .de and we don't want to do the adjustments/refactorings twice.

PR - review, please.

Will look into "pushing down content" for + some skin refactoring in a dedicated branch.

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Additional PR
There probably exist some conflict w/ which was refactored in parallel.

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On prod there is still the untracked /FundraisingBanners folder, needed for older banners. If it's ok that older banners break (CSS-wise this is already partially the case), I'd prefer we remove it.

@kai.nissen @tmletzko
Would be great to get a hard requirement on this. Would screenshots suffice?

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