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[EPIC] Wikisource is not compatible with the Minerva skin
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Broken out from T173800.
The MinervaNeue skin has been enabled on all wikis and is available from Special:Preferences. It doesn't work too well with Wikisource,org


This skin is listed in the Preferences / Appearance of en.Wikisource (desktop), although on the Special Pages it is listed for mobile. But, it is altogether missing from the mobile Wikisource Settings.


There is no over / under editing mode, and in the side by side editing, the original page (djvu) is so small that it is illegible, as well as the window it is displayed in, is so narrow that the page is cut off.

PurgeTab Gadget incompatibility

On the desktop, after switching to the MinervaNeue skin, the hamburger menu is not working. It just opens a blank page on the left which takes up half of the screen. < bug with local gadget) [Tracked in]

Event Timeline

I write this to help those who were stuck in Minerva in the Page namespace, where access to the user Preferences is not available. I had a bookmark to the Contributions page where the Minerva user preferences menu worked and thus I was able to switch back to Vector default.

I strongly recommend to disable or remove access to MinervaNeue in Wikisource until the problems are resolved.

@Ineuw it's not quite that simple. If you disable Minerva you also disable the entire mobile site. As far as I was aware the mobile site has been working perfectly fine, so I'm guessing the best course of action is to work out why. I would suspect gadgets and MediaWiki:Common.js are the problem since these do not run on the mobile site but will run on the Minerva desktop site (see for example)

As an ignorant, I would think that hiding or disabling the radio button would be simple.

P.S. I am only referring to the desktop.