Add support for sorting fractions in jquery.tablesorter
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Author: mhorvath2161

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This patch allows tables with fractions in them to be sorted properly. It only works for the simplest of fractions consisting of only a numerator and denominator, with no other operations. It could be made more powerful, but it's beyond the scope of my efforts.

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T33601: jquery-tablesorter (tracking)
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Needs updated patch

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does the updated JS table sorter handle this?

Not related to language afaik (removing as bug 30673 blocker).

This is a separate bug for our javascript tablesorter.

sumanah wrote:

SharkD, your patch no longer cleanly applies against trunk, so I am marking it reviewed. Thanks for the patch. If you're still running into this problem, and you would like to revise your patch, please come into #mediawiki on freenode IRC to talk about revising the patch. Thanks again!

TheDJ added a comment.Feb 18 2012, 4:06 PM

I have created a new and more complete fractions parser. I'll complete the testcase later tonight and add it.

TheDJ added a comment.Feb 19 2012, 7:57 PM

Done in r111884

sumanah wrote:

(for the benefit of other interested readers -- reverted in r113122 )

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