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Phlogiston: Track Tech Program 3 (Tech Debt)
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The saga for this WMF FY2017-18 annual plan program is: T174087: FY2017/18 Program 3: Addressing technical debt.

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Which team is this for? Or a new report?

This is a new report for a program, not for a team.

What's the program name? Technology Department Technical Debt? what's the abbreviation? tdebt?

FY2017/18 Technology Program 3: Addressing technical debt

If the internal code abbreviation has to be 5 characters, tdebt seems reasonable. "techdebt" would be much clearer, if 8 characters would be acceptable. "td" would be acceptable if shortest is best.

The limit is 6. tdebt seems better that tcdebt or tedebt or techdt.

I think this will need a new feature to work: show all tasks that are children of a task, even if they aren't all in the same project. I think the barrier to implementing this in the first place was, to try and improve performance in Phlogiston. (Similarly, Phlogiston only builds the lookup table for tasks tagged "Goal" or "Category"). Please confirm my understanding that, for this to be useful, it should be a burnup of every child that is a descendent of T174087. If so, I'll write up the related feature request.

And we'll have to add "Epic" to the shortlist of candidate ancestor tasks.

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Unassigning task as @ksmith has left.

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No clear need or sponsor.