Implement Special:Suffixindex page
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Author: soxred93

Patch for special page

Similar functionality to Special:Prefixindex, this special page looks for text at the end of a page title, instead of the beginning.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement

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soxred93 wrote:

Add the actual page :)

Somehow, svn diff forgot the special page itself.

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river wrote:

this looks far too slow for any medium or large site; a query of the form LIKE '%foo' can't be indexed, it does a full table scan.

one way to do this efficiently would be to store a list of all titles in reverse order (i.e. "Wikipedia" -> "aidepikiW") and do a prefix index with the reversed query (LIKE "%edia" -> LIKE "aide%") - such a query can be indexed as the initial part of the string is static.

of course, this would need some kind of maintenance script to produce the initial title list.

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I don't think we want extra indexes or maintenance scripts for such a rarely requested and apparently pointless feature.

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