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Move watchlist unwatch link away from grouping expand triangle
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Hi. There is a new unwatch "x" button in watchlist. Great job, but could you please move it elsewhere in the line? It's too close to group mode "expand group" button, and can't be pressed unintentionally, especially in mobile touchscreens. For example, after the timestamp before the page name, or some another position. Thank you.

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IKhitron renamed this task from Move watchlist unwatch link from grouping expand triangle to Move watchlist unwatch link away from grouping expand triangle.Aug 26 2017, 3:29 PM

This was discussed in the original task for implementation at T2424#3516775 and a few subsequent comments.

That said, I'm going to agree that this is painful on a mobile touchscreen with collapsible desktop watchlist. If we're concerned about the consistency of the lines, I think it could reasonably be placed just before the timestamp. I would prefer not after since that would end up with the same issue (except this time with the pagename--which defeats the purpose of the quick unwatch link! 😀 ).

OK for me either.
I just didn't thing anyone uses the pagename link. :-)

Well, @matmarex, undoing is a very bad idea, because:

  1. The undoing will not make expansion, so it is a need for a new click, and possibly a new unwatching, and so on, infinitely.
  2. And much more important, unwatching undoing is painful by itself, because it removes all unread revisions from the page and markes it as read until now.

For now, I added for my gadget users the code

$('').each(function() {$(this).prepend('\xa0xa0\xa0').insertAfter($(this).parent().parent().children().children().last());})

Yeah, this makes watchlists really hard to use on touchscreens. (They were hard to use anyway, but now they are hard + scary.) Also, yet another configuration setting.

I liked Pau's suggestion to have a Special:EditWatchlist view that's limited to recent changes. Alternatively, maybe put this at the end of the line (where the rollback link is now) and use "unwatch" instead of a small icon?