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Create a repository for a tool called Checkers
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  • Repository name: Checkers
  • Who needs access: @Huji
  • Description: See below.
  • Additional information:

Per discussion on CheckUser-L, I have created a JS-based tool, much like Twinkle, that is specifically for the purpose of using the CheckUser tool through its API and demonstrating the results in a more user-friendly, information-rich fashion.

I would like to host the source code on gerrit, so it is easy to share, and most MW developers can contribute to it easily.

The tool's name is Checkers, which resulted from gaming (pun intended) with the name of the CheckUser extension.

Please make myself the group owner for this tool, with +2 right.

Todo list for repo admins:

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I think this is also a good idea. Once the gerrit repo is set up, please yell at me so I can create a mirror here in Diffusion.

Adding @QChris as he seems to have handle this kind of requests on as well.

I added it to the page. Not sure if we're still using that to handle stuff like this.

MarcoAurelio added a subscriber: demon.

Amended description and projects as per form 31 :)

MarcoAurelio assigned this task to QChris.
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Everything has been taken care of.