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Request creation of suggestbot VPS project
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Project Name: suggestbot
Purpose: Recommend articles to edit to Wikipedia contributors
Wikitech Username of requestor: Nettrom

SuggestBot[1] is an article recommender for Wikipedia and has been recommending articles to edit to contributors since 2006. I took over the project in 2010 during my graduate studies and have maintained it since then, expanding it from being a single-language project to now serving the English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Persian, Swedish, and Norwegian Wikipedias.

The bot is currently running on a VM hosted in the Computer Science Department at the University of Minnesota. We are interested in moving it off that VM, partly due to the fact that I am no longer a student there. As part of preparing for this move, I have worked on porting its code to Python 3 and releasing it under an open source license on Github[2].

Hosting SuggestBot does not currently require a lot of resources. Out of its three recommender engines, two are database-backed (of which one is already hosted on Toolforge[3]), the third uses Wikipedia's search API. If possible, these databases could be hosted on Toolforge and made available to other Toolforge users. Its current VM has four cores and four gigs of memory, but should be able to run on less than that if the DB is offloaded to Toolforge.

I tried to figure out if the bot could run solely on Toolforge, but I think its XML-RPC-based architecture makes that challenging.

Please let me know if there are any questions!


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For now using a local DB hosting this outside of Toolforge seems best. Good luck!

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I've created the 'suggestbot' project with initial project admin Nettrom. @Nettrom, you can add additional members or admins via