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User info API should report the number of upoads of the current user
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An equivalent to editcount for uploads (uploadcount?) would be useful for apps like Commons Android app. (See

Commons Android app currently uses a Toolforge tool instead (For User:Whym it's .) Since this approach does not work well if we want to provide the app for non-Wikimedia wikis, I'd like to see it supported by MediaWiki itself.

Unlike the tool mentioned above, it would be good enough if the API can report the current user's upload count.

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Anomie added a subscriber: Anomie.

The editcount field is stored in the database, so it's cheap to report. Count of uploads is not so stored, so it would require a somewhat expensive query to fetch that information.

If you want to file a task to add such a field to the database and populate it, feel free to reopen this task as a subtask.