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NDA request for Samtar
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I would like access to Logstash and Graphite/Grafana as it would be useful to view logs for patches I'm working on. I have previously signed a NDA for access to stat1003.

I believe for the above access I would need to sign the Volunteer NDA and be added to the nda LDAP group

CC @Ocaasi_WMF who supported the previous access

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I believe this is an SRE-Access-Requests if you already have an NDA.

@RobH, can you advise here? What needs to be done for a LDAP request for someone who has signed an NDA? Is there a place where I can look up the signed NDA to verify? If I do, can I just add them to the LDAP nda group?

If at all helpful, the NDA sent through "cobblestone" was named "WMF-Sam Tarling Volunteer NDA January 2017" and has a reference number 832b7db5-a494-43ac-8895-c3ba6837e18d

RobH claimed this task.
RobH edited projects, added LDAP-Access-Requests; removed SRE-Access-Requests.

So Ldap requests are not the same as ops requests, a few things has to happen:

  • swapping this from SRE-Access-Requests to LDAP-Access-Requests - done
  • user must either have a shell account already, or be added to the admin module (samtar is already in the module). If they did not have a shell account, they would be added to the ldap section of the admin module data.yaml file. - user already in admins module, no need to add.
  • NDA must be confirmed (All shell users should have an NDA on file already, but its best to double check.)
    • There is also a google sheet that HR has shared with some of ops, including me, that I have just confirmed has @samtar listed on it as having signed an NDA.
  • Once the above are all confirmed, the user can have - confirmed user has NDA on file

Once the above are done, then the group can be appended to the user via ldap commands. In this case, @samtar wants NDA, which includes:
nda grants access to:

Piwik login page
Hadoop Yarn
Druid's Pivot UI (Analytics)

Since the above has been met, i've gone ahead and added the NDA flag to @samtar's account.

RobH removed RobH as the assignee of this task.Aug 29 2017, 3:20 PM